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Website help with Websites

Happy New Year Nail Tech’s – Hopefully you start the year off right and have a good website to promote your business. can help with you start with a great and easy website.  Nailedtotheweb also offers easy websites you can control the look and content on.  Previous blog posts have mentioned free online  appointment builders  you can add to your online services for free.  Now that you should have the website – promote it for free. Nail Pro magazine has grouped these free salon search finders:

So do your homework and make sure you have “meta tags” in your website so they can find you easily and get your salon listed on Google Maps with your website attached and add your salon to these free search salon finders.


What new acrylic colors are in?

n1232Getting ready for the Holiday’s these combination of colors will last you the rest of the year.  You will see them in upcoming movies as good matches in; Johnny Depp’s character in Alice in Wonderland, and the long-necked dinosaur and surrounding plant life in Dawn of the Dinosaurs in Ice Age 3.  A bright teal and copper orange.  Our nails are not meant to match our outfits anymore, they are here to stand out and be noticed.  You can match this teal and burnt copper color with some cranberry red and some dark blue sparkle.  These combinations you will see coming out in this years Christmas collections and are already out for the fall displays around you.  Be on the look out for these hot new color combinations even in the movie A Christmas Carol with Jim Carey.

Natural Nails in French and Colors

I hate to say it, since we’ve moved to Colorado more younger generations can’t afford acrylics so they are coming in and wearing natural nails.  To onset this economy Dashing Diva has come out with a natural nail tip in French to go over the natural nail without an extension.  The French tip is simply glued on the edge for a mess free application and a gel life coating is them put on top of it to secure it in place.  This method is also good for those who want to make the switch from acrylics to natural or give their nails a break.  Dashing Diva has caught on and made these french tips in different hot colors as well making these natural nails hot and spicy for the younger generation.  Visit the catalog for the color choices or see them in Nail Pro Magazine.

OPI – Fun Nails

I have been catching up on all the latest nail magazines from NAILS Magazine and they keep on mentioning OPI’s try on Color website. I am not a fan of polish since I do all french colored acrylic, but for fun I went and checked it out on the web and it’s fun to look at different colors of their new line on a hand. You should stop by and check it out. then click on try on a color.

A Custom touch to your Pedicures

Ever thought about custom designing your plain black flip flops with matching colors so your client can walk away from her pedicure with style?  You can get plain black flip flops for cheap like $1.00 at Wal-mart when you watch for the specials then go to places like Hobby Lobby, Micheal’s, Jo-Anns Crafts, and Wal-Mart and get colorful beading (already threaded) to match those toes colors you know your going to do next week.  This can push the hot new colors of Creative Nails or OPI and you are sure your client will want.  Here is ideas from Hobby Lobby on how you can get creative with flip flops.  Think about customizing your clients feet so she can match her flip-flops and think about the great service you offered and the wonderful pedicure she just got so you will be on her mind to reschedule and refer customers too.

Hobby Lobby also offers coupons if you download them on the website first and then stop in.  Its a quick way to save you money.

Mosaic Nail Tips

Normally I always work with acrylic, but I came across some pretty nifty Nail Tips that are clear with a Mosaic Nail Art embedded on them and they can be used with either Gel or acrylic. (The Mosaic nail Tip video is under the stainglass link.)  The cool thing about these nail tips is they looked like shattered glass and the can be colored with clear colored acrylic, or see thru colored gel.  They have a close up photo in Nails Magazine June or July 2009 that is worth checking out.  Here are some videos and if you want to download a catalog.  

The Mosaic nail Tip video is under the stainglass link below.

<How to download the catalogue>
1. Please visit ”
2. Log in with ID “jdpride” and Password “jdpride”
3. Click the foler “download only”
4. Please download catalogue file. (This is pdf format)

< Video sites on>
=> Maya gel 1 (2D & 3D design)
=> Maya Gel 2 (2D & 3D design)
=> French nail
=> Stainedglass gel 1
=> Stainedglass gel 2

The Mosaic nail Tip video is under the stainglass link.
=> French nail with white nail tip.
=> Nail extension with GRACIA UV GEL

Wordpress Appointment Plug-Ins

With the Blog scene catching momentum, a salon manicurict should hop aboard. WordPress is a free download and it can be put on any server with php script enabling (See  ) This can be your next manicuring website you can maintain for as little as $3.95 a month. If your loooking for a website designer this is the way to go. You can maintain your site from any computer or even your phone. It can hold your appointment book, let clients schedule appointments and you can discuss the latest in the industry and spread the word out to your clients. WordPress also loves google and yahoo so you can be found in a search engine easier which gives you an edge up on the competition.

More info on WordPress Website Apoointment Scheduler Plug-ins 

For a nice online appointment scheduler to add to your website: