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Like a Gift Certificate and Advertisement in One.

Holiday’s are upon us and everyone is looking for the perfect deal.  At is a gift certificate and advertisement deal rolled into one. As a Salon you sign up to be a merchant and offer deals in your salon. As a customer they type in their zip code to see the deals in their area and your salon comes up. They like your deal and purchase it (as a gift certificate type) and then you as a salon pay a fee to use and the rest of the money is yours, the customer comes in and uses the gift voucher and viola’ service is complete, you got paid, and the customer leaves happy.  What does for your business. It narrows down the hunt, the customer hears that there are deals on and hunts for the services they need. If you salon is offering the deal then you will probably get first pickings in the selection they choose. It’s a win, win deal for you and the customer. It’s also a way to get noticed above the crowd.


Oldie but with a twist video is an old idea. Way before colored liquid by Easy Flow first came out we use to put polish into water and swirl it around with a tie die effect. Not many people even know what was before colored acrylic, to get a permanent color inside acrylic we use to put polish in our monomer, yes that is right, polish. But don’t let me get side tracked. This idea is easy to do before the client comes in; she  decides she wants something fun , new, and creative in certain colors. Attach clear tips to an orange wood stick cover the nail in the polish water like the video and let it dry. When the client comes in you can add clear or light pink acrylic to the polished nail tip, encase it in acrylic and you have an instant design.  The cool part about the nail tip is there is probably the polished design on both sides, which is fine don’t forget to clear coat the bottom of the nail to get that transparent look.

Cell phones and social networking.. Facebook

It seems everyone is on facebook these days. and most of the people on facebook carry around cell phones that give them the latest update directly to the front screen of their cell phone. Are you connected with your clients? This is a great tool for manicurist to make their own client facebook network.  You could post tips about how to keep dry cuticles  from being dry ‘at home’. To post little notes on your facebook section just add a “notes” tab onto your facebook account. This way everyone in your network will get a copy if they choose to see what you’ve said, like a weekly newsletter..or monthly. You’ll want to keep it short and sweet of course and to the point.

Another great way to add posts is by letting them know you have a spot open if they want in. You might say something like, “Just had a cancellation at three today if anyone wants to jump in to that time slot”  or “offering 10% off to all pedi services after 3 pm today only.”  “This months hot new color is ‘dashing diva’ by OPI. Come in to try it on” 

Another way to post is giving people web links that you find on the net for them to enjoy; like opi’s site where the client can go to try on a color. Nail Pro’s art gallery page to give them new ideas about what they want on their nails.

These automatically post to the social network cellphone so you don’t have to go looking for them and it gets them to thinking; yes I do need that pedicure, or yeah, I just remembered I needed to make an appointment for that fill.

Soon you will be on your way to getting those appointments filled.

Professional Nail brochure Printing with just the professional YOU

In Nails magazine they picked up on this website from Quark Promote  This company lets you professionally design your Nails brochure with pre-made templates that are easy to design then it lets you inexpensively print them from the company. It’s worth a shot to get your name out there in style

Nails going Facebook… Like facebook anyways

Nails Magazine introduces a salon website similar to Facebook and surely connectable where you can upload your nail photo’s so others can vie your work. Its simple you set up an account and it links to your Facebook page and start blogging about your nails and add photo’s, just like you do with your friends on Facebook. It looks like fun I can’t wait to get started. No with so many new Cell phones coming out with a high megapixel range you are bound to get some good snap shots of your latest work and free advertisement.

It’s gonna get warmer…

The new colors are popping up on TV in hopes it will bring about some warmer weather.  During winter a lot of greys and plum colors came to be. Then Alice in Wonderland promoted some vibrant bright dark blue with some lime green. That’s a new twist together on some pretty standard colors.  Now when your watching the kids TV shows your gonna see a lot more of baby blue and melon orange colors mixed.  So the new summer colors are showing their faces. Light blues and orange.  You can mix them together or add a little white between them for a nice trio. Colored acrylic; here they come..


When your clients come in ask for their emails and start collecting a database of them.  Most salons should offer free wi-fi so get out your cell phone or lap top and use your yahoo or msn email databases to collect their emails, and contact information.  Once you have your database of clients add a E newsletter to your website.  Ask for emails on your site to enhance your exposure to your clients so they can forward it to their friends.  It’s a good free way to get your information out there.  Here are some websites collected from Nail Pro magazine to help with E Newsletters:

Start making your E Newsletter today.