Monthly Archives: November 2010

Like a Gift Certificate and Advertisement in One.

Holiday’s are upon us and everyone is looking for the perfect deal.  At is a gift certificate and advertisement deal rolled into one. As a Salon you sign up to be a merchant and offer deals in your salon. As a customer they type in their zip code to see the deals in their area and your salon comes up. They like your deal and purchase it (as a gift certificate type) and then you as a salon pay a fee to use and the rest of the money is yours, the customer comes in and uses the gift voucher and viola’ service is complete, you got paid, and the customer leaves happy.  What does for your business. It narrows down the hunt, the customer hears that there are deals on and hunts for the services they need. If you salon is offering the deal then you will probably get first pickings in the selection they choose. It’s a win, win deal for you and the customer. It’s also a way to get noticed above the crowd.