Monthly Archives: October 2010

Oldie but with a twist video is an old idea. Way before colored liquid by Easy Flow first came out we use to put polish into water and swirl it around with a tie die effect. Not many people even know what was before colored acrylic, to get a permanent color inside acrylic we use to put polish in our monomer, yes that is right, polish. But don’t let me get side tracked. This idea is easy to do before the client comes in; she  decides she wants something fun , new, and creative in certain colors. Attach clear tips to an orange wood stick cover the nail in the polish water like the video and let it dry. When the client comes in you can add clear or light pink acrylic to the polished nail tip, encase it in acrylic and you have an instant design.  The cool part about the nail tip is there is probably the polished design on both sides, which is fine don’t forget to clear coat the bottom of the nail to get that transparent look.