Monthly Archives: June 2010

Professional Nail brochure Printing with just the professional YOU

In Nails magazine they picked up on this website from Quark Promote  This company lets you professionally design your Nails brochure with pre-made templates that are easy to design then it lets you inexpensively print them from the company. It’s worth a shot to get your name out there in style


Nails going Facebook… Like facebook anyways

Nails Magazine introduces a salon website similar to Facebook and surely connectable where you can upload your nail photo’s so others can vie your work. Its simple you set up an account and it links to your Facebook page and start blogging about your nails and add photo’s, just like you do with your friends on Facebook. It looks like fun I can’t wait to get started. No with so many new Cell phones coming out with a high megapixel range you are bound to get some good snap shots of your latest work and free advertisement.