Monthly Archives: January 2010

It’s gonna get warmer…

The new colors are popping up on TV in hopes it will bring about some warmer weather.  During winter a lot of greys and plum colors came to be. Then Alice in Wonderland promoted some vibrant bright dark blue with some lime green. That’s a new twist together on some pretty standard colors.  Now when your watching the kids TV shows your gonna see a lot more of baby blue and melon orange colors mixed.  So the new summer colors are showing their faces. Light blues and orange.  You can mix them together or add a little white between them for a nice trio. Colored acrylic; here they come..



When your clients come in ask for their emails and start collecting a database of them.  Most salons should offer free wi-fi so get out your cell phone or lap top and use your yahoo or msn email databases to collect their emails, and contact information.  Once you have your database of clients add a E newsletter to your website.  Ask for emails on your site to enhance your exposure to your clients so they can forward it to their friends.  It’s a good free way to get your information out there.  Here are some websites collected from Nail Pro magazine to help with E Newsletters:

Start making your E Newsletter today.

Website help with Websites

Happy New Year Nail Tech’s – Hopefully you start the year off right and have a good website to promote your business. can help with you start with a great and easy website.  Nailedtotheweb also offers easy websites you can control the look and content on.  Previous blog posts have mentioned free online  appointment builders  you can add to your online services for free.  Now that you should have the website – promote it for free. Nail Pro magazine has grouped these free salon search finders:

So do your homework and make sure you have “meta tags” in your website so they can find you easily and get your salon listed on Google Maps with your website attached and add your salon to these free search salon finders.