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Tips on Primer.

I was searching the web, as i usually do. This time to see what acrylic works best in the cold and I came across the subject of No Lift Nail Primer. This is from No Lift’s website.

Important Information:

No Lift Nails feels you should have this important information about the primer. It works in three stages 1st stage: shiny WET, 2nd stage: pink MATTE, 3rd stage: white DRY.

The recommended time to apply the acrylic product is at the matte (or pink) stage. It is recommended that you prime each nail plate twice.

ERRORS TO AVOID: Although you may apply two to three coats of No Lift Nails primer on the nail plate, it should be used sparingly. You may use up to 5 applications . KEEP RECORDS. No blow dryers. Heat causes the primer to weaken. Therefore, do not use it near heat. Keep primer away from direct sunlight and your lamp. Do not store in a hot car or overheated areas. No Lift Primer will freeze in cold weather. Freezing does not hurt the primer. Thaw to dissolve the crystals by holding in your hand or at room temperature. No hot water.

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