Monthly Archives: March 2009

Online booking on your website

Last blog Nails Magazine discussed how important it is to be seen on the internet.  It’s vital to your salon to get a website up and running so people who search from home (and they all do) can find you. It’s as important as word of mouth now days.  So for those who have a website up what can you do with it? Can you display your nail works of art with a slideshow? That is free on Photobucket.  It’s easy to drop the code into your website so then all you are doing is editing it straight from Photobucket instead of having to go into your website to change it.

Another thing to add to your salon website is online booking. I came across a free link: So clients can make an appointment from the comfort of their home and you have work to do when you get to your salon without having to be there to do it. 

It’s easy to get your phone to receive all the incoming emails from your email account. If someone books an appointment with you you will get it instantly and then you can reply to confirm it before they come in. Yahoo has a free email service that texts your cell phone everytime you get an email.  Or better yet if you have a blackberry you can get any email messages delivered to your blackberry at no extra charge.

What else can your website do? Can you instant chat with people when you are online at home? Can you share videos of you working so they can see you at work before they come in? Or can they view you recommending at home services so when they leave the salon they can see what they need to do for that next appointment? 

Are you linked up with Myspace and Facebook? So you can create a network of friends online so they can see what work you do and they can refer others to you.

If you don’t have a website and you want one that is up to date and new and refreshing you can go to  to find out more.