Monthly Archives: January 2009


Hello, i haven’t  lately because I am in the process of moving. I have to get my licence transferred from California to Colorado.  I have been thinking once I get settled in how to generate business for doing nails.  Of course my resume for work outlines all the Nail industry work I have had so I can aquaint business owners with my skill while I am searching for a regular job in the evening to help with the bills.  I also want to visit  the high schools in the area and see if I can place ads, such as in yearbooks, or special programs they run that have advertisers to help get the word out once I find a salon to work in.  I also want to search in my kid’s school for future business I might encounter with the teachers, aids, etc. 

A website is a must, so when people in the are go hunting for your city and salons they can find you.  There are free search engines you can apply with once you get a website up so people who search for salons in the beauty industry can find right where you are.   Another idea is I need to have my nails done extra spec ial so I can advertise to those who look for a good nail tech by what they see.

In the other post I mentioned free brochure program, I might try printing them out and mailing them to local post office boxes maybe 20 a week to help generate work.

I am going to miss all of my clients,  they have become good friends and a great way to make new friends.  I also heard them say they have friends or family where I am moving too and I thought that was a good idea to have them spread the word I was going that way so when I get there if any of  their friends or relatives are in need of my services they can send them my way.

So if you are a nail tech in a new town these are some ways to consider making your Nail business boom.