Monthly Archives: December 2008

Nail Tech’s Slow for the Holiday’s

I’ve been having some nail tech’s write in with holiday dol drums about not having a load of business for the holiday’s. The nail tech’s are excited about the holiday rush but they have to be willing to make it happen.  For many of us in the business for a while; it’s easier to sit and wait for people to walk in instead of going out and getting new customers.   That began my search on the Internet for new things to help hand out to make myself known in places I don’t normally hang out. (outside my home town)

For a list of things to make on the Internet you can start by your current customers. Have each client fill out a name, contact and email form for you to update your database. So when you come up with these clever ideas you will have somewhere to send them too.

Free brochure maker online : 

Microsoft has a lot of different ideas for templates you can download into your microsoft word to make coupons, cards, newsletters: 

Another way to use your email system is to send an  it’s an electronic invitation to a special event or in your case to use a special coupon during a special day.

So we manicurist have to get busy being creative this holiday!