Minx Nail – Not polish but better and last longer than polish.

http://minxnails.com/Minx-Products.asp This doesn’t seem to be out on the market yet but to a few nail professionals that want to pay for training. It’s a film coating that lasts lot longer than polish but doesn’t come off with acetone. Instead it uses heat to release the film from the nail. The cool part of this new polish transformation is it comes in pure metallic forms, or all glitter. Metallic are great because they look like aluminum foil without wearing it. A true polish can’t get this shinny. It gives us something to look forward to in the Nail Market. http://www.modernsalon.com/NewsLandingPage/tabid/67/Default.aspx?tid=2&cid=12743 This is a link that shows matching nails with shoes. Here is a VIDEO to show this amazing process http://divabugs.blogspot.com/2008/09/minx-nails-update.html . I have been doing nails for 13 years and I haven’t had polish in my shop for at least 6 years now. I am completely polish free. Just because it’s messy. And this new product is not.


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4 responses to “Minx Nail – Not polish but better and last longer than polish.

  • Jade Soloshy

    Holly, you are definitely on to something hot!! I heard about Minx in OK! Weekly, when Blake Lively was wearing silver nails, and now I am addicted. But, Minx available to any nail professionals – there’s an online training video that you get access to when you buy the starter kit. I’ve had people run across the street to me to ask where I had my metallic toes done… you won’t believe the excitement and attention this product causes!

  • Samantha Sweet

    Hey there, we are the UK distributors for Minx and our nail professionals here are LOVING them. They lasted on my toes for almost 7 weeks!!! Minx cause a lot of attention and that is exactly what women LOVE!!

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