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Having a Baby? Is it Safe to have Acrylic Nails during pregnancy

Many new mommies to be are asking this question. I found a great link here: It says, yes it is safe for pregnant people to have nails.  It’s baby season. Lot’s of people who are or had kids are coming into the shop. This article gives advice and comments on being pregnant and having acrylic’s on.  And also post comments from a Nail Tech’sview.  What I always warn against is “There is no soaking nails off” during your pregnancy. Acetone is carcinogenic, this means “Cancer causing”;   Just like the gas pumps warn about the fumes at the gas pump. Gas is also carcinogenic.

So if you are a new “To Be” mom you can put your mind to ease about the most asked question in the beauty salon.

Here’s is more on a link:

pdf Pregnancy in the Salon2003-7.pdf

 It’s on a clip from


Minx Nail – Not polish but better and last longer than polish. This doesn’t seem to be out on the market yet but to a few nail professionals that want to pay for training. It’s a film coating that lasts lot longer than polish but doesn’t come off with acetone. Instead it uses heat to release the film from the nail. The cool part of this new polish transformation is it comes in pure metallic forms, or all glitter. Metallic are great because they look like aluminum foil without wearing it. A true polish can’t get this shinny. It gives us something to look forward to in the Nail Market. This is a link that shows matching nails with shoes. Here is a VIDEO to show this amazing process . I have been doing nails for 13 years and I haven’t had polish in my shop for at least 6 years now. I am completely polish free. Just because it’s messy. And this new product is not.

Gift Certificates

Did you know you can pay by credit card before you come in with pay pal? Click on my website and see how . Gift Certificates are not just gift certificates they are a pay in advance system so you can pay for nails on your pay day even if your appointment isn’t on pay day. It is just one more way to make life simpler..

Also i updated my gift certificates with new photo’s. They are made to print out like the standard size photo’s 4×6 cards only they are gift certificates. So you can give someone a shinny gift card when you print them out just like a photo. Use a sharpie to write to who they are from and your all set.

New inventions for the feet to Remove Callus Orange Peel

I was shopping online and found this orange peel callus remover for your feet. It works great and now you can order it at home. THE VIDEO People all over the Internet are searching for this stuff and it’s real hard to find. Here is the website to check it out for yourself. and enter code 10p55dc99 for 10% off! The company is called WelCalm, Nail Tech’s can place thier order.. You can visit the site for more information they will hook you u with all the info.

I have had it done by Leila at and it works great. I fell in love with it and refer her to anyone for feet and nails.  It was a great pedicure! And easy to use not as much elbow grease for the manicurist.

Nail Tech Info New stuff! (Popits) Dual System Nail Forms A NEW WAY TO DO NAILS!

This is new I was visiting http://www.Salongeeks.comand seen this nifty invention called Popits in Britian (Dual System Forms from Ys nails in America) its a inverted nail mould system. VIDEO HERE I thought this was pretty nifty to use the underside of a clear full well nail tip to construct your design and then turn it over and lay it on top of the nail for no buffing or filling. i have not tried it yet to see if it works but the concept is pretty intriguing. I was just wondeering if the full well tip from easy flow works the same way?

Question and answers from about Dual System Nail Forms; 

Nails Magazine

 This is a great Nails magazine to read. This featured article is about the extreme point on a french tip.  Also for the season being in October this might come back into style for a few. It has been trying to make it in the nail market all year but hasn’t caught on yet. It is fun to look at though, what do you think? You can see more at

Nail Talk

Sometimes doing nails, we discuss fun topics and things not everybody knows that have nothing to do with nails but needs to be shared; And when i hear of fun new things I like to pass them along.

Disneyland opened the new Innovations in May and it’s a whole new theme. It’s a house of the future and everything in it is actually for sale somewhere in the world. The Link is here . I have quite a few clients that have bought season passes for the year and the Halloween trick or treat night is also coming up. Of course i do not endorse Halloween but where else can you get bags loads of candy and it’s a safe place to be.

Also for nails for the season if you are a plain jane connouser, you can go glow in the dark white french manicure so you can dress up and no one will know!