Monthly Archives: September 2008

Updates to the appointment Calendar

i have uploaded a new way to make an appointment. I hope this section is easier to work with for people who cannot use the old way I had set up. Your appointment calendar is set up through Yahoo calendar, so you can add the opening to our own calendar for your records. Also if you have Gmail through the google toolbar you can right click and opening and send it through gmail. and it will directly be sent to my cell phone so I can be sure to save that slot time just for you.

If you are interested in magazine art this takes two hours to book a slot so you need to find two time slots back to back open. And book them both.


Looking for a good Lotion?

Avon Naturals’ moisturizing hand and body lotion is great. It doesn’t have that sodium lauryl sulfate, which is another term is refined car oil. And it doesn’t eat your clear nail polish and make it dull. It’s non greasy and feels great. For the sent try the Plum and Nectarine. You’ll find out how quick this is your favorite lotion. It beats bath and body works hands down.