Monthly Archives: April 2007

Hello Nails!

Hello, Nail Fashion industry. The Internet has exploded since ‘my’ and now everybody has turned to blogging. Informational as it may seem a blog is a bunch of Post-It notes about an certain idea for that day.  People are using blogging to get information of ideas out there for a collective network community.

I’ve been doing NAILS for 12 years now and I keep my nails about a 2 1/2 inch length. My speciality is Magazine Art – Which can barely be called Magazine Art nowadays. Magazine Art is Photographed images transferred to the nail VIA the Printer from a computer and transferred onto the nail.  “Decoupaged” is the term used to apply the technique to the finger nail.

Now the Internet has opened up doors for my Nail Website that I can now “Mail” custom nails to people who don’t have options in their town to express themselves with nail art creativity.  So you can think up an idea and I can make it and send it back to you. Visit my website and see how many possibilities you really have.